Joe- Crestmead - Brisbane

I feel proud to be able to say that I was the very first person to purchase a Jacob's Ladder! John, the inventor of Jacob's Ladder (who has a marine welding business), fitted-out my newly acquired 5.4m centre console Allycraft and as soon as I laid my eyes on the Jacob's Ladder, I just had to have one! This would have to be one of if not the best accessory I have installed on my boat. In fact, it's more than an accessory, for me it truly is an essential part of my whole boating experience. No more turning my launched boat around at the boat ramp; I just get straight on through the front rails and back away! Thanks John, Jacob's Ladder is truly a great product!

Murray - Canada

i John, Sory about the delay in response. Here is a picture of one of your fine adders attached to my boat. You can see we welded a piece of channel to mount to as the inside of the bow was too heavily reinforced to bolt through. Excellent product John, a great addition to boats that get used in this fashion

Chris - Canberra

I i John.
Well, I have finally got the boat back in the water and have given the new Jacobs Ladder Ascend a test tun. The adder works really well, it provides a safe and manageable access onto the front of the boat during launch and retrieve in all weather conditions. The ladder easily folds away onto the nose of the boat when not in use and is simply deployed when next needed. The ladder mounting is solid and looks really good on the boat.
arks for all your help along the way and best of luck with the Jacobs Ladder.

Shane Meehan, Brisbane Northside

Before Christmas 2015, John fitted a Jacob's Ladder to my 4.5m aluminum boat. Absolutely fantastic idea! At our local ramp we have rocks and a few oysters which used to make it a little difficult to board the boat for my children. ow with the Jacob's Ladder, it's a breeze. I highly recommend this product and it's a lot safer now for the kids and adults alike. To sum it up, great product and service to match. Thanks again John.

Tony - Victoria Point - Australia

I recently bought a 5.5m aluminum boat and made a heap of changes to it so that it suits all my needs. One Bing I added was a Jacob's Ladder. One of the best hings I did. It's worth every cent! The Jacob's Ladder Is as made launching my boat at the boat ramp so much easier, plus it's made it simpler for my wife and daughter to get in and out of the boat at the ramp. No longer do I need to pick them up from the ferry pontoon. My Jacob's Ladder has made my life easier and I can now get to where the fish are faster!

Martin Slennett - Bonito Boats - Australia

Owner & Boat Builder

The Jacob’s Ladder is a great, innovative product, of very high quality. After having one on our demo boat for some time, we have found it to be a very easy and safe way to board our vessel at the bow It also has he benefit of being a great handle when moving the boat by hand.

Boyd Cambell - Canada

Hey John
Here we are on gorgeous Bennett Lake in the Southern Yukon. This lake is half in Yukon and the other half is in Northern BC.

This is on the route to Dawson City taken by the gold stampeder’s in the greatest gold rush the world has over seen. In the spring of 1898 thousands of wannabe miners were building boats at the southern end of Bennett Lake and Lindeman Lake waiting for ice to break so they could get on the water after hiking 2000 pounds of gear over the treacherous Chilkoot Pass. On May 26, 1898 there was 7,134 crudley built boats and rafts on Bennett Lake on their way to the gold fields of Dawson City.

This is my deep V lake boat ( 23 degree deadrise) which is actually a little ocean boat built in North Vancouver. 18.5 feet long and very deep with 150 hp outboard. Here is a few shots of Anilee my wife getting on board.

Jacobs Ladder is the ultimate tool for a deep V craft in recreational wilderness boating.

All the best,

Boyd Campbell


Northern Territory Patrol Rangers

David Curmi - General Manager - Rangers

Bawinanga Aboriginal Corporation

Hi John,

As promised some feedback —

The ladders are sturdy and easy to move either to extent for use or to stow back in place. The ladder makes it much easier to enter the vessel and to disembark from the bow

Thanks Dave


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