Ascend XL 3 Step Telescopic

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The ASCEND ‘XL’ 3 STEP EXTENDABLE ‘bow access’ ladder comes standard with our top-of-the-range MarkII ‘Tournament’ bow-sprit roller frame.  The ‘XL’ is typically suitable for boats upwards of 6m (19.7’) in length and with above-average bow heights and is potentially suitable for craft (including cruisers and yachts) beyond 8m (26’) depending on bow configuration and anchor size/anchor retrieval assembly.

The Ascend ‘XL’ with a width of 470mm (18.50”) has been especially designed to fold over large commercial anchors on the market (e.g., Sarca No2 anchor) and for use with most electric anchor winch systems.

As is the case with all of our Jacob’s Ladder models the ‘XL’ ladder when deployed rotates on the ‘bow roller’ axle, folding forward from its retracted and stowed position on the boat’s deck (or from its vertical attachment to the bow-rail, as the case may be) to a solid-fixed deployed position pointing downwards and outwards at a 100 angle from the vertical.

The Ascend ‘XL 3 Step’ extends from its retracted/stored length of 550mm (21.7”) to a ‘drop-down’ length of 1m (39.4”) providing a totally firm feeling underfoot as well as a more direct access pathway through the bow rails and into the boat. It is the angled and solid-fixed aspect of each of the ‘bow access’ Jacob’s Ladders when deployed, along with their full integration with the bow-sprit roller frame which are their unique and patented features.

Choice of roller frame with the XL ladder: We recommend our top-of-the-range MarkII roller frame as best suited for use with the ‘XL’ Jacob’s Ladder.  The MkII has its main roller located down low and at the very front of the roller frame assembly allowing free-fall of the anchor on its release.  The MarkII roller frame also features a 2nd ‘cotton reel’ roller towards the rear of the roller frame which allows smoother movement of the anchor shaft when deployed and more solid holding of the anchor shaft in place when the anchor is in the stored position.  Our 2nd tier ‘Tournament’ roller frame is also a workable option with the XL ladder, however, it is more suitable for use with smaller anchors and/or where the anchor is stored in the boat’s anchor-well when not in use.


(All metal parts supplied are 316L marine grade stainless steel)
(100% designed and made by Jacob’s Ladder Enterprises P/L)

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7 kg

Ladder Dimensions & Weight

Note: Package dimensions and weight listed above.

Maximum weight permissible for personnel boarding

120KG – 275LB

Bow Roller Frame

130mm x 60mm frame-to-deck surface connection area. Please contact us to enquire about the smaller frame.

Note: The roller frame shape extends out beyond the 130mm base to help prevent potential damage to the bow surface as the anchor is being retrieved


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Ascend XL 3 Step Telescopic
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